Why go and meet your friends in the street when you have Playstation and iPad in your room and you can meet on the cell phone and the social media? Freestyle Phanatix’s workshops inspires the participants to get off the couch and away from the screen. At the same time, the instructors convey a positive mindset that starts off in their own experiences and the original, positive values in hiphop which they invite the participants to reflect on.

Freestyle Phanatix are good at shaking together kids, whatever their groups and social background, and give them a good and memorable experience. The instructors often become role models for the kids and young people they teach.
Freestyle Phanatix makes workshops both as a detached event and in connection with shows. We also make teaching courses. For instance in connection with holiday activities.
Workshops are mainly dancing, but also deal with the other branches of hiphop; human beatboxing, DJ’ing and rapping.
”Karsten and Kim had an outstanding take on the kids. They knew when to stop and when to press them into performing more than they thought they could. The workshop took the moves of breakdancing apart so you could appreciate all the hard work of the dancers. The workshop definitely inspired some of the kids to continue working with the elements – and probably gave them the courage to venture into strength training! Even the more leaned-back grown-ups were impressed. The kids were thrilled. The best part of it was that some of the kids were so inspired that they wanted to be on stage themselves. Credits to Freestyle Phanatix for making the kids feel safe and inspiring them to make moves in front of 200 spectators. A great day. Thanks.” – Kristina Bendeke, Frederiksberg Library