– Who R we?

With ”R” Sara Jordan & the streetdance company Freestyle Phanatix continues the cooperation of the successful performance ”E-boy” that showed our human evolution and looked at our group mentality and journey into today’s electronic age and beyond.
”R” invites us into a time where five breakdancers explore who they are – everyone has a story to tell, a past that makes them the individuals they are today. Inspired by their own history the breakdancers takes us through reflections over their own struggles and victories; the arrival to a new and foreign country, the challengee of learning a new language and a new culture and making themselves the best version of themselves in new surroundings. The inner and outer pressure gives both despair and dreams, and not least important confrontation with their own personalities.

A sense of self and a story is realised through choreography and motion, with dance as a universal language. ”R” is dance theatre that speaks at level with audiences of all ages, live and in the moment – a story told through Breakdance, music and sounds. Athletic, explosive and poetic surprises awaits the audience, and demands reflection through a dynamic expression.
”R” and E-boy can be combined to a two-part performance, but are also independent stories that stands on it’s own merit.


Producer: Freestyle Phanatix
Choreography and artistic direction: Sara Jordan
Text, concept and music: Sara Jordan
Dramaturgical consultant: Bush Hartshorn (Leader at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen)
Costume: Sara Jordan
Light design: Andreas Buhl
Performers: Bobby Obeng Atiedu, Matt Baricaua, Rico Coker, Aleandro Karipidis, Tunde Adetunji.